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Do you want your website to reach the top of the search engine rankings the natural way? Our professional SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services can give you a boost. We look beyond picking keywords; we help you align your website goals to match your business goals.

Our SEO services cover a wide range of needs to help you get the most value out if your website investment. Whether your company is just beginning in SEO, needs a complete overhaul, is launching a new product/brand, or is working to maintain your rankings, the following offerings can be tailored to help you achieve your goals.

Site Inspection

Any site can benefit from a full review of the current site with a written report which outlines current site's strengths and weaknesses, as well as a list of suggested improvements. Also great for sites looking to clean up broken links or missing content, or to become ADA compliant. (Includes estimates for implementation on an hourly basis.)

Boot Camp

Setup and manage your own SEO campaigns, and keep your site ranking well. We provide a 2 hour training session with one or more of your staff to go over the basics of Search Engine Optimization, Accessibility, Web Standards, and Web Marketing. If a site inspection has already been completed, this can be done in the context of your site.

Key-Phrase Workshop

Need help deciding what phrases will draw the right traffic to your sight, and what to avoid? We lead a 1-2 hour workshop with your staff to discuss the company, industry, products, services, etc., and work with you to generate a list of appropriate key-phrases which can be used throughout the site. (Implementation of key-phrases will be estimated, and can be handled on an hourly basis.)

SEO Package

(Site Inspection + Boot Camp + Key-Phrase Workshop + 5 Hours for Implementation)

If you're looking to start benefiting from SEO, from the ground up, we combine our first three offerings in one visit, to encompass the joint review of the Site Inspection report, Boot Camp training using your site, and Key-Phrase Workshop. The SEO Package also includes up to 5hrs for implementation or additional meetings (for example: applying keywords to content, or changing flash links to html links, etc) for even greater value for the client.

SEO Progress Reports

How do you make sure your SEO investment is paying off? We can help with a quarterly review of the SEO progress of your site which includes a report that outlines a wide variety of SEO strength metrics such as traffic changes, quality & effectiveness of key-phrases, competitive traffic analysis, social web summary, and more. We compile this information into an overall score, to help you track the progress of your SEO efforts.

Content Refresh Service

Even the best SEO fades over time if the content gets stale, and for many companies keeping their website current isn't anyone's top priority. We can help, with our on-going service where we call you (monthly, or quarterly, etc) to get an idea of what has been going on with your company/industry that should be on the site -- or what needs to be removed. We then write and publish some fresh content to the site. Your site will also be scanned at this time for any broken links.

SEO Premium Package

(SEO Package + SEO Progress Reports + Content Refresh Service)

If you want to get the biggest return on your SEO investment, this package is for you. It takes the Inspection, Boot Camp, Key-phrase workshop, and 5 hours of implementation time from our popular SEO Package to get things going, and then adds one year of quarterly SEO Progress Reports and Content Refresh Service to make sure things keep going strong.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) Campaign Strategy Workshop

(for brand revamps, product launches, event promotions, etc)

What if you're satisfied with your regular site SEO, but you're looking to increase traffic for a specific product, brand, or event? Or you want to go beyond SEO to make your on-line presence work even harder for you? We start with a 1-2 hr workshop to discuss the company and the objectives of your specific campaign. We then develop a plan which recommends the on-line tactics that we think will be required to achieve success (such as pay per click advertising, tailored SEO, email campaign(s), etc). The plan will include estimates for the suggested actions & an offer to purchase 3 months of SEO Progress Reports at a reduced rate to track the success of the campaign.

Additional Hourly Work

Any work that is outlined in the Site Inspection, Key-Phrase Workshop, or other identified needs can be done at an hourly rate. Ballpark figures are given to the client so they have an idea of scope.

Buyer Beware

There are many companies that make big claims about Search Engine Optimization and producing specific results with their “system”. Unfortunately, a guaranteed search engine placement cannot realistically be made. Anytime a company says they can guarantee that they will get your site to the top of the search engine results, it is simply not true. Those that do make these claims may not be using legitimate techniques. These techniques often work for a short while, but can lead to your site being permanently removed from search engines such as Google. At Platinum Design & Development, we use honest, natural techniques that make your website more accessible, period. Our techniques are not just for search engines, but also for real people, screen readers (for the visually impaired) and for mobile devices as well.

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