Platinum Design and Development

Template Website PackageTemplate Website Package

Our Template Website Package is designed for the business that is comfortable fitting its
web presence into a pre-determined structure. Here is what is included: 

  1. Interview

    We believe that discovering what is important to your business (and why) is the key to producing the best results. That is why we put so much emphasis on this initial 1-hour
    meeting during which we discuss:
    • Your business goals.
    •  Your website goals.
    • Your target audience.
    •  Your existing marketing material.
    •  Your logo(s) and color preferences.
    •  Your website template choice.
  2. Validation

    We reflect “what we heard” during our interview with you, giving you the opportunity to
    validate our assessment or catch any errors before we proceed.
  3. Tailored Template Design

    Our team creates a single, professional design built from your selected template. If
    space for a product or concept photo is part of your selected template, insertion of an
    image (which you provide or select from our stock photo resources) appropriate to the
    business is included.
  4. Design Review*

    We provide you “proof” snapshots of the design for you to review. With your
    consolidated feedback, we finalize the design and prepare it for programming.
  5. Programming

    We convert your approved design into a functional website, including the integration
    of Content Manager (created by the Platinum Design and Development group to allow you
    to edit your website content without programming knowledge.) We pay special attention to
    search engine compatibility to maximize your website’s marketing potential.
  6. Content Development

    Based upon your interview, we write original text and/or adapt material you provide to create
    these standard pages:
    • An introductory Home page
    • A company description/ background
    • An overview of your products & services
    • A collection of resources and links
    • A collection of highlighted testimonials
    Additional pages are available at an hourly rate.
    See your representative for more information.
  7. Final Review* & Training

    See everything put together in this comprehensive review, including verification of
    previous change requests. We also provide up to 2 hours of training in the use of our
    Content Manager utility.
  8. Publishing

    We publish your site for all the world wide web to see and register your site with two
    major search engines. In addition, we implement a website statistics utility to allow you
    to track your website traffic easily.

Many other options and features are available upon request. Contact your representative for more information.

* Note: Additional review cycles may incur costs at an hourly rate.

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